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Perseid Meteor Shower

Hello Everyone! My name is Kendahl and I am the new Office Assistant here at All County Larimer.

I am a recent addition to Fort Collins from Mesa, Arizona and I'm loving the weather and how green everything is! I've lived in the mountains before and always enjoyed it way more than the desert and big city so moving to Fort Collins felt very natural. One of the things specifically about Fort Collins that I've really enjoyed since moving here last month is just how active and friendly everyone is.

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Fort Collins Piano Art!

For several years artistically painted pianos have been placed around town for the public to enjoy seeing and play if you are so inclined. The pianos are repainted by various artists fairly often while sitting outside, so you may get to watch an artist at work as you stroll through Old Town. Of course it does rain and snow occasionally here in Fort Collins and the public is asked to help by bungee cording tarps over the pianos during inclement weather. The pianos even have their own own Facebook page FoCo Pianos

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Spring Cleaning!

Spring time is here in Larimer County!

It’s important to make sure that the air conditioning systems are ready and working.

- Get started on landscaping
Remove dead branches, plant grass seeds to dying parts of lawn, clean the grounds, and make sure that those gutters are clean for the rain.

- Test fire and smoke alarms
Walk through the property and make sure that all the fire/smoke alarms are filled with new batteries and are working correctly.

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Your Fort Collins, CO lease agreement matters!

It is important to be aware of changes to real property law and contract law. Perhaps what is more valuable is to have a lease reviewed by a lawyer who specializes in landlord/tenant law. Our management professionals always make use of a carefully worded Fort Collins, CO lease agreement that has been reviewed by an attorney.

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Fort Collins rent prices

The Coloradoan had a good article on Fort Collins rent prices:

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End of summer. Lots going on!

This weekend is looking like it is going to be one of the busiest of the year for Fort Collins. Along with a record number of CSU students returning to school, the Loveland/Fort Collins leg of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge is coming back to Fort Collins. If you are wondering what the USA Pro Challenge is, think of it as the US version of the Tour de France complete with the top professionals in the world, costumed spectators lining the course, and of course bad traffic due to closed roads.

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Summer in Fort Collins

Summer is here Fort Collins! Although it may not look like it with the rainy week we are having, the normal summer FoCo things are starting to happen like the huge FoCoMx music festival that we just had. There are food truck rallies scheduled, although the May 5 one (today) is canceled due to the rain.

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Hot Fort Collins Real Estate Market

Fort Collins was identified as one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation according to a new report and summarized by the local paper the Coloradoan:

What does this mean for home owners who are looking to rent their homes or investors looking to add to their inventory of rental homes?

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